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AVDM Audio Video Daten Management GmbH: Official Representatives of CTSystem in Austria

15. Apr. 2024

With immense pride and enthusiasm, AVDM Audio Video Daten Management GmbH is thrilled to announce its newly established role as the official representatives of CTSystem in Austria.

Vienna, Austria – This partnership is not just a collaboration but a testament to our commitment to leading Austria into a new era of digital infrastructure enhancement. By representing CTSystem, a pioneer in network technology solutions, we are set to bring unparalleled innovations in media converters, enterprise networks, and last-mile access solutions directly to the Austrian market.


Your Direct Link to Innovative Network Technologies


As the official representatives of CTSystem in Austria, AVDM Audio Video Daten Management GmbH is now your primary source for accessing a suite of revolutionary network technologies. Our portfolio now includes state-of-the-art media converters, comprehensive enterprise network solutions, and advanced last-mile access technologies, all designed to meet the diverse needs of Austrian businesses and communities.


Expertise That Empowers


Our designation as CTSystem's representatives in Austria underscores our capability to offer expert, localized support and consultation. We are more than just a link to CTSystem's technologies; we are your partners in navigating the complexities of digital transformation. Our team is equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to tailor these advanced network solutions to your specific needs, ensuring that you maximize their potential for your business or community.


Elevating Austria's Digital Landscape


The collaboration between AVDM Audio Video Daten Management GmbH and CTSystem is poised to redefine the boundaries of network reliability, performance, and innovation in Austria. We are dedicated to introducing solutions that will not only satisfy the current digital demands but also anticipate future challenges, thereby keeping Austria at the forefront of digital excellence.


Start This Transformative Journey With Us


We are excited about the future and the positive impact our role as CTSystem's representatives will have on the Austrian market. Our partnership is a commitment to our customers and the broader community to bring about significant advancements in Austria's digital infrastructure.


Stay connected with us for forthcoming announcements and learn more about how our enhanced range of products and services can benefit you.


Together, let's pave the way for a digitally advanced and connected Austria.


For further information about our offerings and how we can assist in achieving your digital infrastructure objectives, please visit AVDM Audio Video Daten Management GmbH's website.


Contact Information

AVDM Audio Video Daten Management GmbH

Rennweg 9, 1030 wien

+43 1 343 95 53 0


About AVDM Audio Video Daten Management GmbH

In the center of every digital transformation is data. At AVDM, we are committed to making this data usable for our clients and transforming it into value for their businesses. Since 2010, AVDM has been helping its clients transport existing data across networks, process it in the data center, and make it accessible for data consumers.


About CTSystem

A global leader in advanced network technology solutions, CTSystem stands at the pinnacle of innovation in media converters, enterprise networks, and last-mile access solutions. Renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation, CTSystem continues to pioneer advancements that set new benchmarks for the industry worldwide.

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